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Terence McKeown - hello

The concept of developing a diverse collection of original type specimens proved very difficult this week. The scope and message of the project became more limited and focused from it's direction on day one, from one which questioned individual identity from the perspective of a social and universal whole, to one which sought to ask the question, "Who am I (typographically speaking)?" of the man-on-the-street. The appropriated form of the iconic "Hello, My name is ..." stickers that appear in so many informally-coordinated social gatherings became the basis for my experiment in individual typographic choice . The end goal of my type development was to present strangers in our city's densest urban neighborhood with a message of friendship and community. The message (one that all too often goes unspoken) is the simplest of greetings in the English language: "Hello." By befriending travelers through the frenetic environment and offering them a choice of typographic forms to express their individuality (and commonality,) I sought to create a deeper level of human interaction within the urban space while asking questions about the extroverted typography of the individual.

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