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Dennis Pasco - life is better than TV

Initially, my idea centered around reality television and how to me it seemed as if people watching these programs were either living vicariously through them because their day to day lives of work, eat, sleep prevented such experiences.

As I explored materials to get started, I also began to research topics relating to television or mass media in general. One thing I found was a blacked out story on the Federal Communication Commission's upcoming hearing to scale back the limits on corporate ownership of news media (Stop Media Consolidation, San Francisco Bay Guardian, July 14 - July 20, 2004).

In the article San Francisco is the epitome of the advancement of consolidation no locally owned television broadcasters or top 20 radio stations, both daily newspapers owned by conglomerates, and 40 percent of local radio owned by Clear Channel and Infinity Broadcasting Corp. Economically this makes sense, mass communications can make quite a profit. But consider that this extremely small group of corporations can also edit the news as they see fit. And with no other source for news to compete with them that edited reporting of local, national, or world events can distort or even block information that may influence decisions such as which product to buy or who to vote for.

It is this "edited reality" that I approach. I felt that using objects as opposed to doing something digitally or two dimensionally would work metaphorically in that the materials would be tangible and have inherent imperfections as opposed to the edited, streamlined, and perfected typographic treatments to present my statement. And when placed in an environment that is aesthetically contrasting the typography and message stand out formally.

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