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Here's a list of workshops done so far. These workshops are held on various academies or conferences worldwide. When the workshop is running this site is updated daily, so you can follow the process almost real-time, and influence the work with your comments.
For any question, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Workshops archive

darkmark Otis, 06.08

sandman Den Haag, 05.08

speed date wedding Bratislava, 04.08

dog vs god Pforzheim, 03.08

Zigzag Zombie Eindhoven, 10.07

Elementarteilchen Bern, 10.07

Private type Bielefeld, 06.07

Silent judo battle 02 Porto, 04.06

silent judo battle 01 Salzburg, 03.06

Good times Florence, 12.05

Lost and found Moscow, 11.05

Moveable type Genk, 04.05

Two for all Providence, 03.05

Automotive Brussel, 02.05

Manual pixelism Lausanne, 01.05

Second ICH Weimar, 01.05

From A to B Amsterdam, 09.04

Shut up and listen San Francisco, 07.04

Let it run Hannover, 06.04

Type and talk Vienna, 04.2004

Shining type Rovaniemi, 12.03

Thin & Tiny Tampere, 05.03

Stencil type Detroit, 04.03

Signage type Rotterdam, 12.02

Applied type Helsinki & Lahti, 10.02

Fondue Helsinki, 05.01

Typographic popclip Helsinki, 10.00

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