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Audrey Kallander - time flies

Think about walking around in a city like San Francisco. There are tourists, residents, people commuting into work: all going at different speeds. I think that people in cities have moved away from biological rhythms like sunrise & sunset, seasons, weather... That is particularly interesting in a city like San Francisco given the natural beauty of the landscape, the bay itself, and the (mostly) beautiful weather. So I wanted to get people walking around the city to stop for a second (maybe. some of them anyway.) and think about their pace. The stenciled text speaks to the general acceleration of our perception of time. The font is a digitized, stencil-ized version of my own calligraphy, referring to letters engraved in stone, made to withstand the test of time. The overlay is in soft, black birdseed. But the pigeons didn't cooperate in making time fly.

we believe that we possess too little time
that is a myth we now live by. what is true
is that we are awash in things, in information,
in news and in the old rubble and shiny new
toys of our complex civilization, and - strange,
perhaps - stuff means speed. the wave patterns
of all those facts and choices flow and crash
about us at a hightened frequency. we live
in the buzz.
      and we wonder about the consequences.

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