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workshops, Porto 04 2006, daily

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Day 1

Judo has its own rules.

Before gaining the knowledge of silent typographic judo, you first have to gain typographic knowledge. Practice, practice, practice. Whole day long. Acquire the basic typographic skills of rhythm, construction, balance and also style. By sketching, sketching and more sketching. And tomorrow... even more sketching and gaining experience before the real battle starts.

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iria -- Monday, April 3 2006, 08:55 pm
so far, so good!!! :)

Akiem -- Wednesday, April 5 2006, 08:43 am
Hey there Where are the suits? A real judo fighter should also look like a judo fighter. Your opponent should get impressed.
Doesn't a judo fighter take benefit of the power of his oppenent. Kind of redirects this to him/her, and in this way wins the battle? How could you translate this into typography? How can you take your opponents letters, to create a even much stronger piece? Throw it back to him/her, straight in the face. And before he or she even realize you won; with little action, wisely used.
For me this goes for form and for content. How could you modify the word with which you get attacked? Power gets Flower, over gets recover, bitch gets garbitch? What letters can be modified to become a different letter.
Be prepared and know your opponent, is your strength.

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