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daily impressions : day 1 : day 2 : day 3 : day 4 : day 5
The Battles : The Grand Final : Female piece : Male piece

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day 1/2 - Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th
Explaining project, presentation Underware, first sketching on paper, explaining the basics of type design, more sketching on paper. Think about which tools to use in the sand. How to create a good rhythm with your letters, what about contrast, get your hand under control, etc.

day 3 - Wednesday 5th
sketching in the sand. Trying different tools on the beach, get a feeling of hand lettering. Practise, practise, practise. And, get your judo suit prepared for tomorrow.

day 4/5 - Thursday 6th and Friday 7th
Warm up for the competition: two days of battling. All men against each other, all women against each other. One strong competition in type design. Everybody trying to impress the other one with his piece of typography. Can be one letter, can be one word, can be a short sentence. What do you write to impress others? The only limitation is the surface, sand, and the time, 15 minutes per round. Full speed, all enthusiasm as input required. In the end both groups elect the best typographer for Mr. and Miss Silent Judo.

day 5 - Friday end of the day:
Mr.ĘSilent Judo versus MissĘSilent Judo, the all deciding, final type battle.

Who will manage to get the 10th degree black belt in sand?

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