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Day 3

Time for the first real battles on the beach. Translating the type designs from paper to the sandy beach faced us with some new problems. Not only a different scale, but also a different underground material required more practising. Especially the tools seemed to make a difference. The one with the right tools, already had a big advantage before the battle started. Time to create tailor made tools.

Sometimes the final result contained two pieces of typography which are interfering with each other. One letter of a specific word, becomes (a part of) another letter from another word. The Art of Silent Judo comes alive.

During the rainy showers, the battling continued inside on paper. Short energetic battles, practising the art of impressing your opponent.

As a little bonus we tried to invent the Art of Wacom-battling as a specific derived form of Silent Judo. Two wacoms, 2 projectors, one screen. To be continued...

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