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Group 'Dream on!'
Last night we did a real size test on the car park. The result was pretty good but we want to modify a couple of things to improve the project. The x height has to be lowered and we have to concentrate on the letter design today, so that tonight we have a good plan to start constructing the whole word. After having read the comments on the website, we started thinking about the relationship between the word, the place and the typeface design because we have to find a balance between these elements. It's true that it would be a shame just doing a default typeface. By the way the temperature last night was -8° celsius and they've announced -16° and wind tonight, so wish us good luck... aight!

Group 'Read on!'
Today we found THE word: Liberté (freedom). Books are the synonym medium of the freedom of mind. At the moment we're fine tuning our logotype-like word image. We want to do a clip. The ambiance will be in black and white with a lot of contrasts. We placed the lights down for more shadows. We're going to film very close the floor to get abstract start - in order to understand the word at the end. Tomorrow will be an other lovely day.

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Bas -- Wednesday, January 26 2005, 11:50 pm
Use your imagination with the form of the type. The trolleys penetrate the imagination, let the type do the same. Dream on. /// Read on group: I could imagine different forms of the same word, if you wanna make a movie. Why does it have to be only one form? Why not having multiple types, or maybe moving/animated types? Maybe the construction of the animation can also be related to the concept again? /// Go on.

Tom De Smedt -- Thursday, January 27 2005, 09:14 am
Fascinating results! Keep it up guys! Best regards, Tom (from the snowy reaches of the Lahti workshop - lahti.grafitron.com).

ramon (TTF) -- Thursday, January 27 2005, 01:29 pm
comment from yesterday ­ it didn't run: soon, there'll be the point to "nägel mit köpfen schlagen" or is it the other way around? ­ ask akiem for further descriptions. ;-) to the works. first: it's funny to see type in my home country in front of coop instead of aldi, rewe or supermaché! second: it's amazing to see the letters growing up as a 3D-sculpture, looks great ­ i'm curious about it. thirdly: the message liberté goes together with the idea of forming type out of books, means message, medium and form generates an object ­ maybe the environment/place where it's implemented could be stronger. what about the word dream? is it a dream to have a world full of supermarkets or do you dream of buying things or dou you just dream of building type as big as a house? it could be stronger if the message would be more critical like target, consumerism Š something that is not purely defined by the form. i wish you a lot of energy and glasses full of mulled wine!

Sami -- Thursday, January 27 2005, 03:18 pm
A reply for Bas - to his question about the single lettering style: the participants are currently (day 4) shooting movies scenes and fine-tuning and fine-tuning more, but only with this single style. The change of style after only one 'sketching and fine tuning' day would have been a bad solution - because the lettering was/is not as perfect as we want it to be. After exploring with the many ways to combine these books on day 2, we're now totally convinced of placing the books in between each other like this. Did you see the triangle 'counter' shapes inside the strokes, and how they're moving from left to right as the stroke evolves? Lately (after the photo 24 on day 3) we have done many subtle changes (to match the books with the direction of calligraphic down strokes, for example). A road to perfection with this piece first!

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