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Group 'Dream on!'
Last night we did a real size test on the car park. The result was pretty good but we want to modify a couple of things to improve the project. The x height has to be lowered and we have to concentrate on the letter design today, so that tonight we have a good plan to start constructing the whole word. After having read the comments on the website, we started thinking about the relationship between the word, the place and the typeface design because we have to find a balance between these elements. It's true that it would be a shame just doing a default typeface. By the way the temperature last night was -8° celsius and they've announced -16° and wind tonight, so wish us good luck... aight!

Group 'Read on!'
Today we found THE word: Liberté (freedom). Books are the synonym medium of the freedom of mind. At the moment we're fine tuning our logotype-like word image. We want to do a clip. The ambiance will be in black and white with a lot of contrasts. We placed the lights down for more shadows. We're going to film very close the floor to get abstract start - in order to understand the word at the end. Tomorrow will be an other lovely day.

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