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workshops, Lausanne 01 2005, daily

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Group 'Dream on!'
Yann Do
Anthony Franklin
Noémie Gygax
Letizia Locher
Olivier Pasqual
Gaël Vulliens

We now have come down to two main ideas. We're going to test both directions today and we'll decide which one will be carried on tomorrow morning.

idea 01
The first idea is to use supermarket trolleys to design typefaces. We've contacted the shop and they've told us we could use up to 800 trolleys... so that's pretty exciting.

idea 02
The other idea is to use floating objects and to dispose them in a swimming pool. We like the aspect of a 'living' typeface on water, and the fact that maybe we could even do something under the water... we'll see.

Group 'Read on!'
Matthieu Cortat
Bertrand Emaresi
Julien Galico
Julia Gorostidi
Régis Tosetti
Malcy Wiethege

After the thoughts about hair cuts, about ice, salt in snow and sandwiches - and after the thought to use living small chickens, dogs or ants as a module for the characters, we found two better, more realistic ideas.

idea 01
To play with the half-opened books to create curves and strokes. The problem is that there will be size changes by using many different books. It would be great to have only one kind of books, but we don't have them. That's why we preferred the second idea.

idea 02
Draw letters with lots of balloons pumped with a helium gas, arranged on different levels to make typography. We'll probably use different kind of colours, test different shapes of the balloons, find new ways... in the beautiful blue sky of Bussigny.

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