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Group 'Dream on!'
The car park of the supermarket will be our playground - we gave up the idea of the swimming pool. We'll be using the trolleys as the module. Given that we can only work on the actual place after 7pm, we're currently doing tests using sliced plastic cups which represent the trolleys. After having thought a bit about what to write, we ended up choosing DREAM, which contains nice letters and is related to the place itself: the supermarket. Dreams often occure from dusk till dawn, that's also when we'll be working on the project in the car park. We're currently doing type design tests and will go to the park tonight. aight.

Group 'Read on!'
Today we gave up the idea with the balloons. We will use the books to write our message. We were lucky to get 300 book with the same edition. We have explored some construction possibilities today and will use the white slice of the book to draw the letters - to be observed from the top. We are looking to do the lettering in a neigboring jail yard, but at the moment we don't know if we're allowed to do it there. We'll see.

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chester -- Tuesday, January 25 2005, 06:39 pm
Hello, Bonjour, and Guten Tag to all. I am excited to see the first "sketches" in 3-dimensions using the cups and books. The most interesting thing to me is how the "pixels" can be fit together to make letters. Instead of choosing solid pixels like bricks and arranging them only on a grid, the pixels can actually be fit inside each other to varying depths. It's like having greyscale pixels to make more subtle bitmaps, except the colour and size is changed with interpenetration. I'm looking forward to seeing tonights/tomorrow's explorations.

Bas -- Tuesday, January 25 2005, 09:20 pm
Wow, trolleys at night. Sounds very obscure. Can't wait to see the first pictures. Curious to see what kind of letterforms are possible. Are the letterforms related to the theme 'dream', or are the letterforms related to the supermarket? Or are the letterforms purely defined by the form of the trolley, without a further reason? That would be a pity. It could be very strong if there is a good reason to choose a certain kind of letterform. O ja, maybe all troleys will be equipped with lights, and the photo's can be taken in total darkness? I'll keep my eye on this project.

Bas -- Tuesday, January 25 2005, 09:25 pm
The book-lettering, I could imagine the exact location could define the kind of book(s). And then again, the kind of books, as well as the location, could define the exact content of the text. A pile of books in a publishing house (Mondo?) would give a total different text and letterform as a pile a books near a jail yard. Maybe this is too early now, not sure. Lots of sketching with blanc books also makes sense of course, to explore the rhythm, and the maybe extremely light weight of the type. Could that be a part of the content maybe, the extreme light weight of the type (only when it's really big of course)?

czyk -- Wednesday, January 26 2005, 12:43 am
Einkaufswagen bei Nacht im Schnee - das wird schöner als ein einkaufsfreier Sonntag. Ich sehe einen spannenden Actionfilm mit Verfolgungsjagden und Einparkpannen. Keep on dreaming!

Micha & Kai (TTF) -- Wednesday, January 26 2005, 12:44 am
Lovely Pictures of snowy Lausanne. We are realy looking foreward to see what happens tonight with the shining trollies on the car park of the supermarket. Perhaps you should think bigger and use cars. And maybe next night you use trucks ... And never forget to Gib Gas! Greetings from Weimar!

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