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workshops, Weimar 01 2005, daily

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First ICH vs second ICH

Third day of the workshop and one day closer to our second ICH. Here a quick overview of the first ICH, talking about the second ICH. Or is it the other way around?
Click on the small thumbnails to see the films.

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KaiM -- Wednesday, January 19 2005, 04:36 pm
Iím verry impressed about the video stuff. The possibility for a closer look inside the people. Itís so pretty funny that Georg designed an Fraktur (German type) ;) But the best job did Floyd together with the ĄZirkus Hundď Type. Great Stuff. greeting from new york, kaim http://www.bykaim.de/

Charmain -- Wednesday, January 19 2005, 08:51 pm

georg -- Thursday, January 20 2005, 02:04 pm
hello everyone! it's a pretty amazing, more yet!, even telepathic experience i just made: yesterday, i seriously thought of calling my hairdresser here in stuttgart to get my hair cut... and today, the first thing appearing on your site was GET YOUR HAIR CUT! this is a clear message (massage?) that we are still in sync! well, it's fascinating to watch you working - it's always when the others work ;) while having watched you and your enganged(type)faces for a while i couldn't but be worried about my third, forth und even fifth ICH. outside it's so cold! -are the poor things to stay naked? or are you just about to tattoo the cute zirkushund i caught sight of and then take off its HAUT??? watch out! it wouldn't be politically correct! i'm watching you!!!!!!!!! anyway, do not discriminate multiphrene personalities. it isn't nice. to learn more about them just visit http://www.mind21.com and read the PLAY there. wishing you sound progress in designing your HAUT collections! best from stuttgart, georg

Schoschie -- Friday, January 21 2005, 03:31 am
Micha, schneid Dir mal die Haare, Mann! (In English: Micha, cut you once the hairs, man!)

dertobi -- Tuesday, January 25 2005, 09:33 pm
°oh man, this looks like you had a lot of fun! awesome! floyd the zirkushund rocks and great video-performance from kai. finally 204 looks like a creative playground (noticed this nice typetrash on the walls?). uncut hair is cutting edge in whymar, eh? take care /all the best from toronto

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