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workshops, Weimar 01 2005, assignment-schedule

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daily impression/final result
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day 1 - monday
10.00 Introduction Underware. Starting to work on the assigment. Brainstorming to find strong ideas for the type and second skin. In the end of the day all the ideas get discussed.

day 2 - tuesday
09.15 General presentation Underware, the basics of type design. Afterwards every group developes its concept into type sketches. Group discussions on the afternoon.

day 3 - wednesday
09.15 Presentation how digitized type is made with FontLab. Every group developes its font further on paper and in FontLab.

day 4 - thursday
Finetuning of letterforms in FontLab. Font is finished in the end of the day.

day 5 - friday
Preparing the presentation about the font and about the plans how to apply the font on the following week. Every group presents their project in the end of the day.

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