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Second day of our workshop. Today words became messages... or at least we tried to do that, which is not that easy. Save a horse, ride a cowboy... Longing for sun... Give me my steak... Balance through contrary...

So, are we restless people? Yes, we are - because we are going from letter to letter, message to message - getting closer to our second ICH on day 2 of our workshop. Gute Nacht aus Weimar and don't forget YOUR message!

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Bas -- Tuesday, January 18 2005, 04:36 pm
Curious to see all the final words which are going to be used... What will be the most unexpected word? Make me shock. Suprise me.

chester -- Tuesday, January 18 2005, 07:55 pm
At the moment, I am seeing a lot of "lettering" or "calligraphy" as opposed to "type". This is not a bad thing for this assignment, of course, but you'll have to watch out when it comes to making the letters in FontLab. (I make this comment especially about images # 6 and 15.) __ Another comment I have is about the consistency of the construction of a lot of the letters: While you don't have to make a Garamond or Bodoni, it is instructive to analyse those typefaces to see how much space each letter takes up. If all letters are the same width - or are built on a construction grid, like an alarm clock's LEDs - it will be difficult to make out which letter is which. (I make this comment especially about images # 1, 9 and 17.) __ I am excited to see the variety of lettering and type being made by the participants; no two are alike, and that is a good thing. I think it is a nice illustration of the belief that there can never be enough typefaces...

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