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Tiny type, related links

More than 12.500 letters on a grain of rice? Let's beat this guy!

An Introduction to type
Get some basic knowledge of typographic terms here.

Adobe makes it clear: what do we mean when talk about typographic pointsize.

Deeper pointsize info what you have always dreamed off

Small size bitmap fonts
The basic decisions that work well on small screen types may also work well on small size for print. Worth to check.

Miniature Book Society
Hey, there even an american society for mini books.

Lettering on microships!
How should it be done, how should it be repaired?

Smallest bible in the world
The smallest known reproduction of the Bible was made by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists Pawan Sinha, Pamela R. Lipson and Keith R. Kluender in 2001. Using microlithography, a process similar to that used in the manufacture of computer microchips, they reprinted the full New Testament text of the King James version of the Bible in 24 carat gold on a crystalline silicon tablet measuring just 5 x 5 mm (0.196 in x 0.196 in). Read more at their website.

And as a last example, a screenfont we once made ourselves, which has a x-height of 3 pixels. The font is called Minibar:

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