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Thin type, related links
Take a look what's already done in the field of thin types. All these examples are still playing safe, none of then is so thin that it gets invisible in a size of 100 pts. So...

Skinny Eric
A painfully thin version of Gill Sans, designed for SELF Magazine in 1999. Proving that all women's magazines must have an ultra thin typeface if they are to be successful?

An Emigre typeface designed by Miles Newlyn in 1991 has dynamic thin strokes that vary in thickness.

Birgit Hairline and others
Canadian designer, Luc Devroye made this 'analytic' type project dedicated to his daughter, Birgit. Some quite thin designs.

Foundry Monoline Ultra Light
Monoline typeface scales from ultra light to extra bold. A low contrast sanserif family.

Linotype Sangue
Decorative calligraphic font which features some thin strokes next to dominating thick strokes.

Lithos Extra Light
Designed by Carol Twombly, a good old Lithos has been updated on 2000, and now has an extra light alternative.

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