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workshops, Salzburg 03 2006, daily

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Day 2

Florian Bolka takes the most out of his cleaning stick.

Today we climb up to 1600 meters, to Rossfeld, and found a good flat battleground with a very thick snow cover. But the weather got very bad as you can see. Lots of fog, very wet snow and rain. We tried hard, but lost the fun. It didn't help to hear that tomorrow we would get even harder rain.

So, we had to take plan B, we bought 12 long and flat brushes, white paint, some paper and started all over again with 'Throw'. We had many quick practicing battles (3 minutes each). Tomorrow we keep on practicing, but also fight until we find a winner.

The first round for tomorrow's real battles
Each pair will have 3 games: throw-game, groundwork-game and improvising game

Karin Ehrlinger vs. Isabel Neudhart
Seraina Brugger vs. Agnes Franckenstein

Othmar Fetz vs. Florian Bolka
Woeishi Lean vs. Michael Seiser
Tobias Zachl vs. Sebastian Schöndorfer
Florian Frandl practicing with Sami Kortemäki

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Seraina Brugger -- Tuesday, March 28 2006, 10:22 pm
Leaving for snowier regions we sadly had to realize that sun had entirely left us and rain had caught up. Unfortunately the situation didn't get any better even on top of the mountain - we got wrapped in thick fog. In addition the snow up there turned out to be very difficult to handle. Nevertheless we tested our tools for writing in snow and made some experiments on strokes. After a while we were soaked to the skin and totally exhausted. The bad weather conditions made us modify our workshop program: As from now we'll work on paper in our classroom, which is a much more comfortable location! Back to the university we experimented with big brushes and white color on lots of masking paper. In pairs we had some further test-battles to prepare for our final battle tomorrow afternoon!

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