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workshops, Salzburg 03 2006, daily

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The Battles : The Grand Final

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The Battles

Up to the semi-finals each pair had three battles, each 3 minute long: one throw game, one groundwork game and one improvisation on 1 x 1 m field. In the finals we gave more challenge: all three games were improvisations and we reduced time to 2 minute per battle.


The Semi-final
Karin Ehrlinger vs. Isabel Neudhart (1-2)
Seraina Brugger vs. Agnes Franckenstein (2-0)

The Final
Seraina Brugger vs. Isabel Neudhart (2-0)

The winner: Miss Silent Judo Seraina Brugger!


The First Games
Othmar Fetz vs. Florian Bolka (1-2)
Woeishi Lean vs. Michael Seiser (2-1)
Tobias Zachl vs. Sebastian Schöndorfer (0-2)
Florian Frandl practicing with Sami Kortemäki

The Semi-final
Florian Frandl vs. Woeishi Lean (1-2)
Florian Bolka vs. Sebastian Schöndorfer (0-2)

The Final
Sebastian Schöndorfer vs. Woeishi Lean vs. (1-2)

The winner: Mr. Silent Judo Woeishi Lean!

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