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workshops, Providence 03 2005, day1

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Fonts are flying everywhere. The students showed up before the crack of dawn, bright eyed, and eager to get start drawing. Well, maybe it was closer to 8 or 8:30 but it seemed really early. And the students were for sure eager although maybe not bright eyed for another couple of hours and some coffee.

Everyone started sketching right away. Some went right away to the computer, others used a pencil and paper. For most, it became of combination of both methods. Designing modules, testing how well they worked for making different letters, revising the modules, making new letters. After a couple of hours the team settled on a set of two modules and was working on constructing their alphabets. By noon, everyone was able to spell out the word 'HAMBURGEFONT' in upper or lowercase. Each team figured out their own unique way to approach the problem.

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chester -- Saturday, March 19 2005, 05:23 am
Hello Rhodesians. I'm excited to see the work you're doing; it's really tough to make anything with just two shapes, let alone an alphabet. It's illuminating to see what shapes you're coming up with; by tweaking the forms of a 90-degree arc and a straight line, the results are quite beautiful and surprising. I'm particularly struck by the elegance of 14/15 and the unexpected harmony of 6/7. The "bounciness" of the baseline in many of the examples is very sweet. I'm curious to see your Saturday work. c

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