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workshops, Helsinki Lahti 10 2002, 07

basic info
time, place, basic info
themes, the groups
daily impression

the workshop-themes
01 layered type
02 screentype
03 bible type
04 shop lettering

05 carplate type
06 the fatter the better
07 the publication
order publication

pts. publication  basic info : presentation half way : final presentation
Out of this workshop the next Pts. publication will be made: 4 Pts.
One group will define the whole idea for this publication, be the editor and be the designer. Anything is possible, although the workshop should be the main content of the publication. 4 Pts. will be published by Underware and distributed throughout Europe (text = english).

what to do
Define a concept for the next Pts. publication.
Define the whole content.
Edit it and design it.
Realize it.

coming soon

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