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We asked different creatives to give a contribution about:
Car lettering as a visual chance, in and on a personal public space.
Please click on the pictures to read & react (send us you contribution, here).

Ralf Herrmann, designer
Typografie.info, Weimar, Germany

Fabio Bola, designer and musician
Bala, Brasil

Prof. Paul Mijksenaar, president of
Bureau Mijksenaar, Amsterdam, NL

Andy Clymer, type in media student
T+M, andyclymer.com, Den Haag, NL

Karin Liefting, journalist working for the
Volkskrant, Den Haag, NL

gerlach en koop, artists
gebr-genk, Den Haag, NL

Donald Beekamn, designer & radio DJ
DBXL, Amsterdam, NL

Armin Vit, designer & writer
Speak Up, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Hello designers,

There's also car lettering without paint. Only possible on filthy cars. Corny remarks like IK BEN VIES! (I AM DIRTY!) mostly. It would be really nice if a company used this car lettering method. A builder or constructer for instance. Cars gray with dirt and dust where only the company name is wiped clean. After it has rained the whole logo has to be rewritten (and the car soiled first) but that could turn into a nice routine. Driving like crazy on some muddy constuction site.

Great idea, an interested company would probably say, but far too complicated, can't we just fake it? And that would spoil it for us. It would be like the fake bullethole stickers. Why doesn't anybody go to the nearest shooting club and request to get their car perforated? Easy enough. Well, maybe that's fake too. Just like resoiling your car after the rain in order to rewrite the logo is. If you don't live a dangerous life, don't fake one.

And maybe we don't understand the self-mockery of the driver: I would like to get shot at and feared by everyone but in reality everybody loves me.

gerlach en koop

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