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Day two, more sketching, more paper, more type, more things about type, more energy, more small (tiny group found out how to make the type more legible in small sizes than before, pfff), more thin (let's go even more thinner!), more music, more ideas, more clear concepts, more coffee & more thai food. We love Tampere.

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johanna -- Tuesday, May 20 2003, 07:45 pm
oh yes, what a difference to day1 ! just happens to me all the time, too... this really looks like you guys are teaching and working heavily! i especially like the thin finale top right - exeggerate to the max! still, this one stays quite readable though it really is extremely thin. that's good. for the tiny section, i love the third one from the right best: it has a strong character, but still works for very small sizes. that's what i love about a good typeface: works great and has its small built-in wonders. ... and don't you take photos when one of you is smiling accidentally!! always so serious expressions on everyone's faces - i don't buy that! ha, have even more fun, all of you! rock it =) jo

Lilli -- Wednesday, May 21 2003, 09:48 pm
Huge improvement from day 1. The picture I enjoyed most was the first from the left in the bottom row. And the 4th and 5th in the top row are also interesting. the 5th needs more work so that idiots like me can also understand what it says, but as an idea its really nice. This whole course seems really nice. I'll definately be there next time.

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