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workshops, SanFrancisco 07 2004, day3

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Shut up and listen day 3

What happened? Getting into Fontlab, sketching, changing tools, sketching more and digitizing the sketches.

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dPasco -- Thursday, July 15 2004, 10:17 am
I'm bringing it back to the old-old school. No need for the computers man.

Till Hopstock -- Thursday, July 15 2004, 01:48 pm
I dont like the first idea for "blood money" and the "inhale-leaf" the type and the representative form do not condition each other. for me so far it looks like the same messages can be archived by either just using helvetica or just taking the leaf of bloodsplashes. I think if there representation is so explicitly used as in these exapmles they should help to specify a certain meaning that points beynd the words and beyond the pictures otherwise it remains questionable or just decorative (at least to me). for example i could imagine that a type set out of one dollar bills saying "inhale" would bring some more meaning to the word and a "blood money" set out of for example parts of guns or something. so far my impression - i hope i did get it right - keep up the good work greetings - till

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