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A day where the sun comes up at 11.00 and goes down around 14.00, a day which is 10 degrees colder than yesterday: perfect day for sketching type inside a warm building.

The LED-Group decided not to go for a typeface which is based on a grid, although this would be 'obvious' when a circle is the basic element for the font. Contrary: script faces rule! Human forms which will finally merge with electrical technology (picture 1-6).

The Biggest-Typeface-In-Rovaniemi-Group, from now on called the 'biggest-group', found some aspects in their first skecthes which were interesting enough to be deepened out. In the end of the day there is something which could be probably best described as "some constructed metal type with a human touch...". What else to say about it? Just watch the pictures (picture 7-12).

The Face-The-Light-Group started with the concept of light originating from the Renaissance. Conceptual thinking can block the mind, and limit creativity. However, it brought us to a point that it became clear what to do: make a very thin stencil typeface. (picture 13-18)

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Akiem -- Tuesday, December 9 2003, 07:37 pm
Yes. Looks good. Wow. Unbelievable what can happen in a day. Big jump compared to yesterday. Hey LED guys & girls, how small can you go? Let's think about the battery-power, all this LED's need. It would be a pity if your sweater would stop shinning after 10 minutes, or? How many LED's do you need to write 'keinot' 20, 15? By the way, who is keinot? A friend of Kees?. How many LED's do you need to make a nice 'o'? 8, 6, do I hear 5? Why not go small, and make the most ecomomic hand-spaced-LED-type ever. Go go go...

diego m. -- Tuesday, December 9 2003, 08:16 pm
Hi everyone, I am studying type design in The Hague. We have started a project on multilingual typography and I have been assigned to research Sami language. does any of you know about it? I need to know stuff like: > Northern sami is the only sami dialect which is really used for print. Is this correct? > What is the preferred form for quoting in Sami language? (normal and quotations inside quotations) > Do you know of any typefaces design specifically for Sami, or with Sami in mind? Maybe you can tell me about someone who knows? thanks

donald beekman -- Wednesday, December 10 2003, 09:58 am
hi all good work, much progression. i see very interesting forms appearing. just some thoughts: LED: Very cool idea to go for a script instead of a grid based alphabet. but why LEDs? it could be anything with a round shape! marbles, pingpong balls or rabbit droppings could also be used for this font. Is there a way to make LEDs the absolutele only medium for this alphabet and let LIGHT also be the origin in the shape of the letters? BIGGEST: very interesting shapes, i'd love to see more of this one too. But: What is BIG about it?I know you are going to make it the biggest letters in Rovaniem, but i don't see that in the sketches. FACE THE LIGHT: Again, beautiful classic shapes. here i can 'read' the idea, it was worked into the sketches . I can actually see the shapes of the letters being cut out of something so the light can shine trough! Renaissance indeed! go ahead, make your day! http://www.dbxl.nl

Sami -- Wednesday, December 10 2003, 10:37 am
Hey Diego, after bit of browsing in Google (sami + language) I found these sites: http://www.evertype.com/standards/se/sami-teastabaiki.html and http://www.largeformatcomputing.com/resource/uralic/sami.htm Let's see if any student or somebody else here knows more... seems that here's no sami-speaking persons at all, sorry.

elehvantti -- Wednesday, December 10 2003, 11:14 am
Well, LEDs are just one fun way to implement this dot based script font. Basicly we're aiming for a multi-purpose typeface that you could build up with anything that emits or reflects a dot shaped light pattern. Matches, candles, huge bonfires, lightbulbs, mirrors, metal, pinned down fireflies... you name it! Btw, we just got 250 red LEDs from the electronics store - anyone handy with a soldering iron? ;-)

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