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In the pictures below are the various applications of the font. Spray-paint was bought and used to create t-shirts for our chopshop. In the second row are beer mugs we sandblasted, for use in our drinking celebration later. We created 'Greetings from Detroit/Detroit is a chopshop' postcards out of the large wooden font in the third row. In the last two rows you can see the entire stencil set we cut out by hand. Whew. Time for a party.
Ach ja, there is also a PDF for the real type-freaks.

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JON-IZZLE -- Monday, April 14 2003, 04:18 pm
Ahhhh, the final result page. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Sami and Akiem for teaching us so much about type in such a little amount of time. I think everyone in the workshop learned much more than they expected in just one week. !!!! You guys rock !!!! I also want to THANK everyone who worked on CHOPSHOP this week. It was quite good that we got to spend time with each other , I think it brought us closer together as designers and friends not to mention helping us put together a great font. This week goes down as one of the most fun and productive weeks in CCS history. Hope to see everyone soon. PS_ Who are those DETROIT THUGS in the pictures? THOSE PICTURES ARE THE SHIZZNIZZLE FO SHIZZLE SNIZZLE POP PIZZLE.

chris -- Monday, April 14 2003, 04:26 pm
yes, i agree with jon-izzle. the last days showed that a collective whole can not only create something unique...but also produce an enormous amount and variety of content. congrats to brian and bob for beating megaman in one, diehard sitting. overall, all i can say is: "shock and awe"

Hanna Kurppa -- Monday, April 14 2003, 10:59 pm
Some team spirit! Working in a bigger group doesn´t necessarily work out, but you ended up keeping the project unified. It was nice you voted together for the best forms and letters so that everyone had to reason at least to oneself why they preferred one form to an other. The last day should definitely be dedicated to applying the font in practice and not to some last-minute changes since there´s always something that could be improved. The shadow-effect of the stencil is visually stunning. Best wishes to all of you!

anssi -- Tuesday, April 15 2003, 11:52 am
hi there guys we just came back from NYC - saw Sami at Helsinki airport... its a small world. Anyways, greetings from the Lahti Crew, keep up the good work! Beware, we'll be watching this space.

Bas -- Tuesday, April 15 2003, 03:39 pm
you dirty car rippers, where can we order the t-shirts?

Ulla -- Wednesday, April 16 2003, 09:55 am
Looks like starting with consentrated work with pencil and paper and finishing by messing up your surroundings works. You must have had a good time, and to me that's what type design is all about... (trying to be sadly humorous)

T -- Wednesday, April 16 2003, 06:27 pm
I don't know much about type design but just looking at the type that you people created is awesome. I look at the work from the first day to the last and there seems to be a huge step forward. The main thing is it seems like everyone is having fun.

T -- Wednesday, April 16 2003, 06:29 pm
another thing where can I get those MUGS!

tob, Amsterdam, Stuttgart -- Tuesday, April 22 2003, 07:42 pm
Yes, it is really a stencil typeface! I think that the E causes little problems because of the descender which looks like a comma. But however, to finish a typeface in one week demnds respect, well done. I like #9 very much. As a type addict I learn only by looking a few minutes a day on your workshops, and I like publication no 4 (the Finnish workshop) very much, especially the [how fat can you go] assignment... thank you underware

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