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It's the last day and everything is quite o.k. Active x-acto blades cut stencils and student's work together on postcard designs based upon yesterday's photography. Along with the large woodcut stencil installation, the font "chopshop", will be realized as a complete stencil set along with packaging, postcards, and t-shirts. Students will later party, and celebrate the birth of a new typeface! Hooray! We are having quite a lot of fun!

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nina -- Sunday, April 13 2003, 02:04 am
++ ++ I just wanted to say that I have had a lot of fun this week. Thank you to everyone! I have learned a lot formally but also about fundamental human interaction and how smaller parts work within a larger whole - the levels of support and communication are so crucial! It is so fascinating to work collaboratively. It is my favorite way to work. To see and understand how each person works in conjunction with others is so intriguing. I am always learning that you can not force a natural cohesiveness - only when you let your gaurd down and be honest with yourself do the parts fall in place naturally. ccs kids - lets do more projects together! I would love to make the rest of the big ass wood stencils...! ++ ++

-- Sunday, April 13 2003, 11:21 am
I totally agree with NINA, I had an excellent time, learned alot about this thing called communication. As "COMMUNICATION DESIGNERS" I really think we need to realize and understand the root of this interaction between people. I feel everyone really pulled together, the comaraderie between this design group proved to be "quite" strong I think. The party was a complete success, the font turned out to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, the applications were completly fitting, and best of all is that we now have some "QUITE" excellent friends in Sami and Akiem. THANKS SO MUCH FELLAS. Sami you are one crazy brother!!! Your the true master. AHHH it feels so good to be done!!

Libby -- Sunday, April 13 2003, 03:14 pm
I also wanted to say thanks to everyone! Sami and Akiem, I learned alot from you both in this short week, I am sad to see you go. Everyone in the group, I am so proud and impressed in how we got shit done in a week. I don't I have ever accomplished such a goal in seven days. I had a lot of fun, surprisingly I loved making the hugeass wooden sign. Hope to see you (Sami and Akiem) in the future and have a safe trip home.

DWAYNE the master himself -- Sunday, April 13 2003, 07:22 pm
CHOPSHOP- ITS QUITE OK thanks everyone, hey Sami sorry I missed the basketball showdown. My head just couldn't move of my pillow. Next time though, me and Zack will show you that we can chop the basketball court up even better than we chop the type. Have a safe trip back home

Zander -- Sunday, April 13 2003, 11:49 pm
Chopshop has been completed, thanks to everyone for making this last week a great experience. I can not believe we all pulled it together that quick, it seemed it was going to be impossible to finish cutting all of those damn letters out, but as a group we pulled through and got it done. Thanks Sami and Akiem for an incredible workshop, the final result came out way better than I was expecting when we began the font. Hopefully we will get to see you guys and party again in the future, have a safe trip home and enjoy Chicago Akeim. On a final note, This last week was awesome and I am glad I participated and got to work and hang out with everyone involved, I have never got a chance to meet some of you guys before this project and a great part of the experience I had was working with so many new cool people. Talk to everyone later, I need some more rest. peace.

http://andrédesign -- Thursday, December 18 2003, 08:47 pm
http://i just want to felicitate your work and your type! i'm a student in design, i work in Lisbon, (go and see the map!). Congratulations on the site, it takes criativity type for every one to see. keet the good work. stay well, peace: my mail: afaria_@hotmail.com

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