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The second day students continued sketching by hand, revising and collaborating to create a set of finalized typeface sketches. During the discussion, several points were made. The typeface needed to be one that could be translated as a unified group while remaining distinct to each of the students working on individual letterforms. Several sketches were examined and eventually one typeface was chosen to work on. The concept of the chosen typeface (3rd row, 4th and 5th from left) utilizes letterforms from the Cyrillic alphabet and is to be combined with structural elements of two other typefaces (3rd row, 3rd from left) created by students in the workshop. Each student was then given 4 characters to work on in two versions: italicized and script. This next generation of sketches will be reviewed on the third day.

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Marc Stevens -- Tuesday, April 8 2003, 03:29 am
I like the curvy tops of the type face he is pointing at. But the one on the bottom left really stands out, and the letters are easily recognizable.

Marc Stevens -- Tuesday, April 8 2003, 08:33 am
The picture, third from the right on the bottom row... looks cool but kinda foreign. Hard to tell the T from the S.

Thomas Castro -- Tuesday, April 8 2003, 10:46 am
hiya'll. cheers to underware and the detroit crew! good stuff! looking at all the type is getting me hungry for a big ass t-bone! hey bas and akiem, say 'hi' to doug and sue for us. and don't forget to brind back some detroit vinyl! thomas ps. tip to the students: akiem's favorite drink is jagermeister!! have fun!

bas -- Tuesday, April 8 2003, 12:24 pm
Looks like the one which is chosen to be further developed is made out of metal already. Hmm, what about thinking in real material. Designing a fluent curly typeface which finally has to be cut out of metal could be quite hard. So maybe the final way of realising the stencil type, more specifically the final material, could have an influence now already on design decisions.

Artur Groetjes uit Den Haag -- Tuesday, April 8 2003, 12:48 pm
Seems the students are having a great time playing around with shapes! To me the chosen concept looks a littlebit to 'contructed', I find the sketches that have those big 3D shadows in it very cool. It's a different approach to deal with the countershape-problem in stenciltype. Anyway, I'm curious to see the results of the third day!

rafael -- Tuesday, April 8 2003, 01:16 pm
nice to see the word steak treated with so much love

Artur -- Tuesday, April 8 2003, 01:20 pm
now that's some good criticism!!!

chester -- Tuesday, April 8 2003, 08:33 pm
Hello Detroit Underwearers/Underwarers. It is interesting to see how a collaborative effort proceeds; type design is usually such a solitary undertaking, but it is always best to have feedback and input from others. (Like any kind of design.) Having recently completed a stencil typeface - http://www.thirstype.com/font_alexey.html - we have experience with the requirements of a stencil: not only must there be "no" counters, but when cut out of paper or metal there should be no forms so delicate that they are liable to break. In this day and age of computer typography, it is good to see that designers are still concerning themselves with "old" technologies, such as stone-cutting and stencilling. Looking forward to seeing more, chester

soren -- Wednesday, April 9 2003, 12:01 am
hello detroit. glad to see the city is alive today. you guys definately have some nice cuts going. i didnt think they served steak in detroit (just chilli dogs), but that type is starting to look juicy. cant wait till its done. take care everyone. s

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