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The first day every single student started to sketch the word 'STEAK' by hand. Plain pen and paper work. In the end of the day around 20 different versions of this word were putted to the wall. Then the discussion started. At the end every student picked the design he/she liked the most, and kept on working on this one.

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bas -- Monday, April 7 2003, 11:51 pm
Yammie, it started. Some comments on the pictures I see would be useful. There are some nice ones to work on...

ietje -- Monday, April 7 2003, 11:51 pm
how about the vegetarians?

Akiem -- Tuesday, April 8 2003, 01:57 am
Yes, it's true. Explaining comments by pictures would be helpful. But yes, it's just the lack of time, that we do not do this. So the next days, we'll try to refer in the allover-text directly to the pictures you see.

Sean -- Tuesday, April 8 2003, 02:47 am
cool work

gene simmions -- Wednesday, April 9 2003, 06:58 pm
i really enjoy the "heavy metal" type, if you will. i feel it gives a nod to the 1980s, and celebrates they glory days of def lepord. its brutal striking appearence, pierces and stimulates my visual read path.

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