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workshops, Bielefeld 06 2007, daily

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day 1 : day 2 (final result)

A versatile, mixed group of 16 people were sent into a dark theoretic forest by a vague, ambitious and muddy assignment: 'define different stages how one single typeface could look like, like it was a human being, and then again reflected on your own life'. Oesh! Not something to immediately start working on. What are they trying to tell me? What should I do? Actually, we didn't know either. The question was not so much if the result would comply with the assignment, but more if an end result would come out at all. The advantage of just having 2 working days to complete the workshop, is that it doesn't allow too much time for thinking. It requires immediate action. Even Underware was surprised as preternaturally every participant ended up with a little typographic movie, though all varying in concept and approach. But all made in the same short period. Could it be magic?
Check day2 final result for the final work.

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